Hello World!

Hello World, it’s nice to meet you!


So here goes … my first “official” blog which I could not be more excited about!


I am a grateful gal who is able to call one of my many passions my career – Style Consulting.  Not only is there a beauty in doing something I love so much but what makes it extra beautiful is experiencing the transformation with each and every client I work with.  A transformation may be that smile when they first look at themselves wearing something they feel good in.  Or, it may be their new posture thanks to feeling more confident, more put-together.  A new attitude, a new happiness.


Personal Styling is not necessarily about a brand, the cost of what you are wearing or where you got it.  Styling is about you feeling good in what you are wearing (and hey, affording it is never a bad thing either 😉   It is about tapping into your personality through what you put on every day.  It is about feeling good.  It is about feeling confident.


As I have always said, at the end of the day it is about you feeling good about YOU.  The rest will follow…