A Little Healing, Family & Fashion in NYC

After several long months of needing to tend to a few health issues this year, I have to say – it is GREAT to be back at it! And, I am oh so sorry for not being able to stay in better contact with all of you and keep you up-to-date on all things fashion, lifestyle and more.


I am not sure about all of you but my typical way of dealing with the pressures and challenges life can sometimes bring, is to live in denial and press on. That’s the better way, right? Because if we do not deal with things then they will just get better and go away, right? Ha! Nope; I found that out this past year and also figured out along the way that there is such a beauty that lies within allowing oneself to be vulnerable. Sometimes shedding that heavy coat of denial brings in relief, clarity and strength. Oh, and a little love for yourself never hurts either 🙂


In July, I was lucky enough to spend some time with one of my sisters and her son in my favorite city – NYC! Nothing can heal a gal better than some time in the Big Apple, a little fashion quest, an amazing nephew, and some serious laughter and vulnerable moments with a sis.


Moral to the story…it is OK to let go – even if for short periods of time. It is OK to be vulnerable. It is ok to lean on one another. After all, that is what makes this world a better place and for us to more easily conquer our challenges.


As I always tell my clients, it is OK to put ourselves first. Once we are good with ourselves, the rest will follow.


Stay tuned for a few Fall Fashion finds I came across in NYC!


Sending out lots of love and peace to you all …