Top 5 Sale Pieces For Men

Hey guys, I promise I didn’t forget about you. Today I am sharing my top 5 sale picks for men. There are so many great pieces that are included and that are needed in a man’s wardrobe. Remember, versatility is key. Don’t forget to mix and match and play with colors!


1.Plaid Shirt: You can never go wrong with a great plaid shirt. I love this one from Banana Republic because of the great slim fit. However, if you’re a guy who loves a little more room in your shirts, they do offer it in a regular fit, which is called the Camden fit. Layer plaid shirts under vests, sweaters, blazers, or wear them casually by themselves.This is a great example of a layering piece!


2. Coat: I believe every man needs a peacoat. For many reasons but most importantly they have that elevated look but can also be worn casually with denim. A peacoat is great to have to wear to dinner with friends, meetings, or events. This bad boy is now UNDER $100- that’s a steal.


3. Scarf: A neutral colored scarf is a great basic to add to your life. Not only does it add warmth during these freezing cold months, it also can be worn with just about anything and any color making it again, versatile, and effortless giving you a fashion forward look.


4.Shoes: Oxford meets dress shoe and I am obsessed. These come in so many colors but I think my favorite is the grey. These are on sale but still sit at a little bit higher price point. However, this is a situation where you are paying for great quality and something that is going to last you forever. Not only are they comfortable on your feet, they are also stylish and can be paired with just about anything in the closet.


5.Sunglasses: I love these sunglasses. They have the classy meets casual vibe, which once again, cue my favorite word, are versatile. Wear them to play golf with the guys or wear them with your suit and tie.


I know I say versatile a lot, but that is my main focus for you guys (and gals). To find pieces that are easy to style and easy to mix and match in your wardrobe. I want you to get use out of your clothes in multiple ways and in multiple looks! To shop these looks, click on each item and it will take you to the site!