Denim Tips For Men

Tip #1 – Fit:


Okay guys, so here’s my most important piece of advice: correct fit, correct fit, and correct fit. Did I mention correct fit? I am stressing this tip because I work with a lot of guys who just want a “comfortable” jean – a.k.a. roomy. But, what comes with wearing a roomy pair of denim is wearing the wrong size that gives a sloppy look. Wearing the wrong size is never flattering, can look sloppy and it is next to impossible to have a polished look. Here’s the good news: there are plenty of denim out there now that cater to comfort and style all the while being the correct fit! The Traveler denim from Banana Republic is one of them and there are many different washes to choose from.


|Denim Wash|Light Khaki Wash|Dark Khaki Wash|

Tip #2 – Skinny Denim:


For you guys who really like the skinny denim but are more built in the quads, go for a tapered denim. This will give you more room and comfort while still giving you the look of a slim fit style.


|Dark Wash Tapered|Straight Leg|Medium Wash Tapered|

Tip #3 – Black & Gray:


Every guy should own a pair of black denim and a pair of gray denim. I am a huge fan of the possibilities of looks that can be created with gray denim. Pairing navy with gray or even doing an overall monochromatic – a.k.a. all one color, look is fun and stylish. Black denim allows you to elevate a look while not having to be in a slack or dress pant while being a bit more comfy – BONUS, right? Having both of these colors allows you to have endless options for looks. It’s all about versatility and timeless pieces in the closet and these two will give you just that.




Tip #4 – Make it Edgy:


If you like a little edge to your look, go for a distressed denim. There are plenty of great options out there at all price points. My best advice to you is to choose a distressed denim that is a little more on the settle side. This way, you can still have a more polished look while rocking the edgy side and you will be able to pair the denim with more options in your wardrobe. Again, versatility is the name of the game!


|Gray Distressed| Medium Distressed|Dark Distressed|


I hope these tips help you when shopping for denim. The most important tip I have for you is tip 1. Really focus on getting the right fit because the fit can truly make or break a look.


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