My Top 5 Must Read Books

Today, I am sharing a few of my favorite books and recommend “must reads.” This year I am trying to read more during my down time instead of scrolling through social media. If you have any book recommendations, I would absolutely love to hear them. Feel free to leave a comment on this post with your “must reads.”


1.The Woman I Wanted to Be

Independence as a woman has always been important to me. I admire Diane von Furstenberg for many reasons – not only for being a forever style icon and all it took her to get there but also for her powerful way of understanding when to be strong and when to be soft; a balance that can be extremely tricky as a woman, especially of her era. Mostly, I admire her for being strong enough to become the woman she wanted to be.


2. “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: and it’s All Small Stuff

Can I get a hallelujah?! Who else out there is with me and can really sweat the small stuff? If you do, I highly recommend this book. My hubby got it for me during a period in my life where I had a lot on my plate and was sweating EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING. Okay, so I’m sure it doesn’t help how anxious I am by nature buuuut, I was sweating it. I read this book and read it every time life feels a tad overwhelming. Not only is the message within it so great but it is a short and to the point book – and did I mention, fits in a handbag or suitcase great!


3. The Glue Factor

This book is all about “how to make your message stick to your audience”. In my career I am interviewed, speak to companies, to clients, colleges, etc. and being able to refer to this book prior to any engagement has always made a difference. If you give many speeches or even one, this book will help! Oh, and don’t forget – always prepare / practice by speaking in the mirror first, I promise it helps!


4. You are a Badass

One of the most important components to being a personal style consultant is building self-confidence in my clients. As I always say, until we are good with ourselves, how much good can we be to everything and everyone else in our lives. We are all human and we all need a little boost at times – this book will do it!


5. Bossypants

In need of some comic relief? Here’s your book! I love this book because it is one that can be read over and over and never gets old. Okay, and I may have a deep respect for a woman as talented, strong and funny as Tina Fey!