Dress For Success

This week Mere and I had the opportunity to learn more about Dress For Success from the Co-Founders, Teresa Choi and Jody White. Dress For Success has always been a place where I donated my – and client’s –  professional attire clothing. I believe in their mission and supporting a good cause, plus, I want my clothes to go to a new and deserving home.


While most people only think of Dress For Success as a place where you can drop of your clothing donations, it is so much more. Nearly seven years ago Teresa and Jody embarked on this journey, bringing Dress For Success, a national non-profit organization to Iowa. The non-profit organization continues to grow year after year and helping women succeed. Dress For Success aids women in interview preparation, as well as, giving them a full shopping experience in the Dress For Success Boutique where they are styled from head to toe for their job interviews.


But wait, this isn’t all that they do, they also do custom suiting, hold a group called PWG (Professional Women’s Group), where they have speakers come to teach women about everything from finances to health. How amazing is this?


One of the best parts of this organization is they are instilling confidence into extraordinary women, and that is a gift that never stops giving. Just like being a style consultant, Dress For Success is much more than clothing and styling; it is about changing peoples viewpoints and lives for the better. It is about making women feel empowered and like they can conquer anything. I have always said, if you don’t have self-confidence, you are cheating yourself in life.


I am so thankful for the Dress For Success organization and how they continue to support women daily to be the best versions of themselves possible. With Spring cleaning right around the corner, I ask you to consider donating your professional wear to Dress For Success. They accept everything from accessories, to shoes, to business attire. Trust me; you feel good by doing good.


To learn more information about Dress For Success and how you can get involved, please visit their Facebook page here.