Top 5 Spring Shoe Styles For Men

The only people who love shoes more than women are men. Where are my sneaker heads at? But really, there are so many great versatile options for spring shoes this seasons. I am loving how gray and navy are taking over the classic brown and black colors. It adds a little more style to your look.


Sneaker Boots: Okay, I have to give credits to my husband on these, because he found them when he was out and about. I was extremely proud. I love the high top sneaker is this grayish color. It has a great modern aesthetic to it, and the best part of all? They are from Target – unreal.


Sneaker: I love a sneaker that can be worn to the gym to work out in, but that can also be worn casually when running your Sunday errands. Right now I love these by Nike. They are comfortable and completely versatile and available in multiple colors. Not to mention, khaki sneakers are on trend for spring!


Loafers: Lightweight and with a collapsible back, does it get better than this in a loafer? This spring/summer is all about the collapsable back, this way you don’t have to worry about ruining your shoes if you tend to step on the backs of them. I love the white bottom of these in particular because it gives off a cool casual vibe.


Boots: Every guy needs a good ankle boot, and for whatever reason, I feel like sometimes people are a little timid on this one. An ankle boot is extremely versatile and is a timeless piece to have. You’ll get hooked on wearing a boot that you can pull on and head out the door.


OxfordCole Haan does it again. Seriously how amazing are these oxfords? I love ALL of the color options and how now there is a leather option in the oxford sneaker. This allows you to amp them up and wear them more dressy. Not to mention they have great comfort!





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