A Day in the Life of a Style Consultant

Despite the cold temps, it is the first day of spring, and I am embracing it! But hey, it wouldn’t be the midwest if the weather matched the season we are in, right? One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, what does your day – to – day job look like or what is your favorite part of being a personal style consultant. I thought I would celebrate the first day of spring by giving you a refresh on my life as a style consultant.


What is your favorite part of your job? I am so lucky that my job brings me so much joy, and that is all thanks to my clients. My clients are what keep me going and keep me inspired. There is nothing better than empowering or tapping into a confidence that he/she didn’t even know they had. I’ve always said this business is so much more than just closet consults, personal shopping, and clothes. It is about people, and learning and growing together.


What does my day-to-day job look like? It varies on the day, honestly. This is one of the many things I love about the biz; every day is different keeping it new and exciting. I always look forward to the days where I get to meet my clients because building a strong relationship with them is where it all starts. You are stepping into a very vulnerable part of their life – their closet and their confidence.


What made you want to become a style consultant? I always had a love and passion for fashion. I always wanted to learn more, and I always found joy in helping people pick out their outfits for special occasions or every day. Even if I could only pursue it at a part-time level, I was always certain to be working in retail, studying fashion or working for a custom clothing line. It wasn’t until I needed a change of pace in my life that I pulled the trigger and started to pursue my career. Not to mention, I had the best mentor ever who I am lucky to call my sis-in-law, Jackie Conlin – a personal style consultant in San Francisco.


What is the biggest challenge in your job? I would say the challenge is always changing and that is precisely how I think it should be. Challenges are what push you to grow and evolve in your career, so I look at them as a positive and not a negative.


If you could share one piece of advice what would it be? Stay true to you, because there is no one exactly like you in this world. How amazing is that? Continue to pursue your dreams and fight for everything you believe in. Authenticity is key.


I look forward to being inspired every day, whether that is by people or clothing like this fantastic longline bomber jacket. This look is giving me all the spring feels with the gorgeous bird print, white heels, and cut off 501 Levis. Happy first day of spring to each of you may today be the best day yet!






Ps. the longline bomber is sold out, but they still have the regular bomber which I love too!



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