Best Spring Blazers For Him

This midwest weather is getting a tad old, just when you think spring is here, mother nature says yeah right and tosses some snow your way. Yes, SNOW in April. Don’t get me wrong; I am a total winter gal. I love snow, all things Christmas, and all other things that come with that time of the year. However, I am ready for some spring days and spring fashion.


I already talked about my favorite spring blazers for women, but today I am talking to the men. Fun colors and fabrics like linen make up the perfect blazers for spring. Layer them over a tee and pair it with a great pair of denim to keep things on the more casual side. Or, dress it up with a button down shirt and pair with grey or white trousers.



This is one of the many reasons I love menswear; there are so many opportunities to mix and match. These next couple months are filled with graduations, graduation parties, and weddings. Each of these blazers would work great for all of these occasions, and of course, style them depending on the dress code of the event.


Don’t take getting dressed too seriously.  Have fun styling looks and mixing textures, colors, and patterns. Plus, I always tell my clients, “If you don’t think it looks right or it doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t.” Trust your instincts always, and it never hurts to ask the women in your life for their input!





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