Knowledge Is Power

If there is anything I have learned throughout my battle with Lupus: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!


Even though I did not put this belief into play early on, once I did, it was life changing. Literally.


The Wahls Protocol was one of the first books that I read and highly recommend. This book focuses on autoimmune treatments as a whole and gives a better understanding how our bodies and mitochondria (further description in the book) work and how we can begin to heal by being more mindful of what we ingest. For Dr. Wahls, much of the answers to her disease lied within the Paleo principles. Personally, I am not a meat eater, and this diet is not just about meat, but let me tell you that there are plenty of other ways out there to get your protein within this diet. And eating anti-inflammatory foods is KEY.


Dr. Terry Wahls (who I have been lucky enough to meet), is beyond inspirational because not only is she a physician, but a physician who was nearly paralyzed from MS (another autoimmune disease that has decided to befriend my Lupus). She spent endless hours charting and documenting about biochemistry – especially her own. Throughout this process she developed a diet and tested it and began experiencing significant changes in her health. Let’s just say she went from being bound to a tilt/recline wheelchair to walking and even biking again.


I am forever grateful that there are people like Dr. Terry Wahls who do not give up and find sensible and truthful answers to help in the fight against autoimmune diseases. I hope this helps you and stay tuned for more helpful books and information on autoimmune that has made a significant difference in my life.


Until next time, take care and please reach out with any thoughts or questions!