White Denim

Let’s talk white denim. We have all been there. The moment you are in the dressing room stressed out because you feel like every pair of white denim ever made in the world looks bad on you. Alright, take a step back. It is NOT you, it is merely white denim, and a lot of women feel this way.


It can actually be super hard to find a pair of white denim that doesn’t show all your business and that you feel confident in. I have some tips that have worked for me to find a pair of white denim that I absolutely love.


Here are the tips:


Go with a slightly thicker denim– the thinner the denim, the more “see through” they are going to seem


Add a little distressing- it is a great way to break up an all-white denim with a few rips and tears (the pair I am wearing is from Blond Genius and I have never loved a pair of white denim more than these)!


If you don’t like it in the dressing room you won’t like it at home – This is 100% true, and it takes up a place in your closet for items that you do love


Find your fit– Do you have a denim style or brand that absolutely fits you the best? Maybe it is a crop or high waisted flare. See if you can find your favorite pair of jeans in white.


I hope these few tips can help you when finding the perfect pair of white denim for yourself this year. Now, these tips aren’t the end all be all. They are just what I have found that helps clients and myself when on the hunt for a great pair of white denim. Overall, for my look, I decided to keep things simple with a black blouse and added a blush shoe for a pop of color.






Note: My top is Rebecca Minkoff but is no longer in stock so I posted a similar top!

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