May Mood

Happy May! The amazing spring weather is finally here to stay and I say peace out to winter!


Let’s talk about those spring wardrobes! How are things coming? Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out because you feel like you have “nothing to wear”, but in reality there is a million and one things hanging in your closet? If your answer is yes, then please know, you are not alone.


While the weather is beautiful and exciting, we are all just trying to get out of our winter slump and get back into the groove of dressing for warmth. My favorite go-to look is a great pair of high waisted denim (a little vintage denim in the wardrobe never hurts) and a blouse. It is an easy and effortless look that can be pulled so many ways.


I kept things light and airy on the top with a black blouse that is made out of breathable fabric. This will keep you cool and comfortable all day long. To finish off the look I wore a brown heel and accessorized with gold jewelry. I love the contrast between the black blouse and brown heel. Now, hear me loud and clear when I say this.: You most definitely can wear black and brown together. They are both neutrals so feel free to mix and match them!


I am so excited for the month of May for so many different reasons. Between events, the weather, client time, and the list goes on. Thank you to each of you who follow along with me on this journey and support me. Seriously, it means so much to me, and the best part is this is just the beginning.





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