Top 5 Spring Essentials

There are so many incredible pieces that I  love this spring, and items that I have found to be complete essentials this season. Everything from footwear to skin care, I am sharing five of my favorites.


The first item is a crossbody bag. Right now, I am loving the Gucci crossbody bag. It will be able to stand the test of time and is a great quality piece to have in the closet. However, there are so many other great crossbody bags that are less of an investment at stores such as, Zara. Crossbody bags are perfect for carrying the few things you actually need in your big bag when going out with friends and family and other events. I have listed some of my other favorite crossbody bags below!


Next, a quality pair of sunglasses. This is not only an essential in spring but is an essential all year around. Find a shape that fits your face the best and color tone that goes best with your skin when investing in a quality pair of sunglasses. It is so important to protect your eyes when it comes to the sun. Right now my favorites are the classic cat eye Tom Ford sunglasses I got at Blond Genius. I love the shape and how they are oversized.


Third, is a tinted moisturizer. Just like it is essential to take care of your eyes, it is important to take care of your skin as well. I love the idea of a tinted moisturizer. Right now, my favorite one is by Laura Mercier. It is lightweight and leaves your skin feeling refreshed, yet it still has great coverage. The best part about this particular tinted moisturizer? It has 20 SPF in it to protect your skin all day long!


Next, a statement heel. Thanks to Rebecca Minkoff, I am totally in love with these braided block heels. They are just enough of a statement with their unique straps and color choices, yet they have a heel that makes them more comfortable to wear. This is an excellent example of a shoe that can be easily elevated with a dress for an event or worn casually with a pair of denim.


Last, but not least, vintage denim. It is short season again, and a question I am frequently asked is how do I know what length of shorts are appropriate. My answer always goes with a length that you are comfortable in and don’t have to be concerned about having to pull them down or if too much of your goodies are showing (lol) which is never a good look, by the way. I absolutely love vintage denim shorts because they come in longer lengths and have a higher rise overall being a little more conservative.


Do you have items that you are finding to be essential to spring? Well, I want to know about them! Feel free to comment or send me products that you think are an absolute must-have! I always love finding out about new amazing items.




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