My Favorite Handheld Steamers

Who is with me when I say ironing is for the birds (OK,  and people who have a lot of time on their hands)?!


I do a lot of steaming in my business as a personal stylist and firmly believe every single person out there should own a handheld steamer.


Here are 3 reasons why you should invest in one:


  1. Owning a steamer will save you time not to mention money as you cut down on the need for dry cleaning
  2. Will help keep your clothing looking presentable (choose a day on the weekend to steam out your wrinkled pieces quick)
  3. Most handheld steamers are small enough to pack – I do not travel without one!


One tip I want to share with you today (and I learned the hard way – no pun intended) is there are many types of city water that is known more as hard water. Hard water contains dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium – in other words, that “scummy” residue you find in your shower, around your sink, etc. can be due to hard water. I began having steamers that would stop working in a short amount of time and finally figured out that it was due to my tap water I was using in my steamer.


This may sound crazy but to ensure that would not happen any longer, I purchase the cheapest bottled water and keep it on hand and fill my steamers with that instead – it has made a big difference. I can only imagine it’s a little better for my clothing as well. And, when you are talking about filling a handheld steamer, it does not take much water so you really do not go through that much bottled water at all.


Today, I am sharing 4 of my favorite handheld steamers:


1.Conair Steamer:


This one is my all-time favorite steamer! I am a fan of the steamers you have the option of pushing a button to release the steam vs. having the steam running constantly (you never know when you are going to have to jump over to tackle something else and then come back and find your steamer empty – that is a sad moment).


2. Nosiva Steamer:


My second favorite steamer would be the Nosiva.  I especially love how when I am finished using it, I can immediately take it apart and allow it to dry out vs. getting burned – youch, never fun! It also has the push button which is another bonus. It does not have a big area for water but filled to the top, I can easily steam at least 6 pieces of clothing. It also packs really well!


3. Salva Steamer:

The Salva handheld would be my 3rd favorite because of its size – it is the best for packing when you do not have a lot of room or weight left in your bag. It also heats up quickly but functions like a professional sized steamer (not push button to control when the steam is released).


4. ESTEAM Steamer:



Last but not least is the ESTEAM. This one also functions like a professional steamer and gets the job done!






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