Alright All, who is with me that sometimes finding just the right shade of lip color feels next to impossible?!


I get on missions where I hit up what feels like every make-up counter, etc. and still end up without the right color or what feels like a million options that I am supposed to combo to make just the right color. Guess what that outcome is… one guess… not good!





The last time I was on a style consulting trip in San Francisco, I went to this amazing place with my sis-in-law for an appointment. Let’s just say the outcome was three custom made lip colors that FINALLY answered my lipstick frustrations. Yay!



The process: pull up a chair. Chat with your consultant and together you will come up with ideas for a lip color. They will mix it right in front of you. Step 1: Select a shade from one of their pigments. Step 2: Choose a finish (Glossy Sheer, Matte Creme, Amuse Bouche) Step 3: Pick a scent (Cherry, Mint, Vanilla, Mango, Violet, Coconut, Wild Berry and Fresh Citrus).


Did I mention you get to name your color(s)? Love this! AND, they will be in their system for when you need to renew. I ended up creating three colors: Plum (a settle neutral that still has a little pop of color). Perfect Nude (exactly what it sounds like) Berry (the color I have been searching for for years – so fun and still neutral enough to pair with many outfits – right up this girl’s alley)!



As of right now, LIP LAB BY BITE is located in LA, San Francisco, Toronto and New York City. Even though it is in limited locations, I still want you to be aware in case you live in one of these locations or are ever traveling to one – put it on your list! Definitely make an appointment so you do not have to wait and ENJOY –  you will be so glad you did.


My hope is that they continue to expand and in the meantime you will have a chance to visit a location and create your own custom color(s). Please write in to this post or tag me in your social media if you do! I would love to learn about what you chose.