It’s a topic majority of women hate talking about or even associating with. Yet again it is the time of year that swimsuits begin to fill the stores and healthy eating habits kick in because you know you are headed to the beach soon for spring break.


Instead of making swimwear something we dread, let’s celebrate it and how amazing women’s bodies are! Whether you’ve had babies, on a weight loss journey, or feeling like your best self, finding a swimsuit that highlights your favorite parts of yourself and makes you feel confident is the ultimate goal.



Here are some of my favorite places to shop for full coverage swimsuits:


Athleta: Known for their athletic wear, Athleta focuses on swimwear that is comfortable, functional, and keeps its shape. I love these two pieces and one piece. Fun prints and patterns and stylish touches but overall great coverage.



Nordstrom: There is something for everyone at Nordstrom. As far as fuller coverage I love brands like Becca and L Space. A little bit more of an investment for swimwear but definitely worth it because these suits are made out of high quality materials! Also, if you are someone who wants to conceal their tummy area, high waisted swimsuits are a great way to do that!



Aerie: A company that is known for empowering women of all shapes and sizes, untouched images, and clothing made for real body types, overall knows how to make some killer swimwear. With spring colors like lavender, great silhouettes (again, the high waisted bottoms), and a little retro vibe this swimwear is too cute!



Remember if you are trying on suits in the store and don’t love them, leave them their. If it doesn’t feel right or it doesn’t make you feel beautiful leave it right where you found it; when in doubt – walk out!




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