Pops of Color

Happy weekend everybody! I know this is a busy weekend for all, but I wanted to jump on quick and give you the low-down on adding a pop of color to your look and what it can do for you!

You know I am a sucker for an all neutral look. I love my grays, blacks, and white colors but sometimes adding that extra “pop” to the look can really bring life to it.


For my look I went ahead and added a pop of color with my blazer. Holy red, right?! I love this bright cherry red and love how it really brought the whole outfit to life – especially with it being spring, I feel like it always helps to have color to freshen things up (not to mention, red is still a big color out there and in my opinion always will and should be).


Now, maybe you want to keep the main pieces of your look a little more subtle and add your pop of color elsewhere – no problem. Here are my top picks:


1. A colored shoe

2. A colored handbag

3. A bold colorful lip

4. A colored statement earring

5. A colored belt


Each of these is a great way to add the extra touch to your outfit. Now you may be wondering, but how do I know what colors do anything for me. Here is my advice, if you don’t feel comfortable in it, ditch it. Wearing great color should make you feel empowered not insecure.


Next, learn the colors that work with your skin color and hair color. Now lets say you are a red head you probably want to avoid colors like orange and red or color that blends more into your hair. However, that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t add in a red shoe because it is far enough away from your hair.


My biggest advice is finding colors you feel good in and that you really enjoy. Colors actually evoke emotion so if a color makes you feel like a bada** wear it, or if it makes you feel blah – get rid of it.


Some of my favorite “pop of color” items right now are the following:







I hope everyone has an amazing weekend with their family and friends! Happy Easter and be sure to be on the lookout for some great sales post Easter too! I will keep you updated if I hear of anything you have to know about!