My Must-Have Items

We all have them, the items that we can’t live without in our wardrobe. They’ve saved our you know what a time or two when getting ready or add the perfect finishing touches. Today I am sharing some of my must-have items, everything from hair products to clothing pieces.


If you know me well you can attest to seeing me in or with these items more than we’d like to admit (insert stress faced emoji here)!




There are few items that I want to point out because they are absolute staples in my closet, and I wear in multiple ways.


Lets talk white cami. For starters these are the tank tops that I wear under EVERYTHING. Literally from blazers to cardigans these camis are an essential in my wardrobe. The chiffon material is great because it allows you to elevate them under a blazer or keep them more casual under a denim jacket. They come in so many colorways and different patterns such as leopard! YAY!


Next, let’s talk denim. I LOVE Mother denim. Everything from the wash to the fit these are my go-to jeans. Now I know that the price point is a little higher but realize this is a GREAT investment piece. Meaning these jeans aren’t going to rip out on you or fade over the YEARS because they are high-quality premium denim. Remember, there is a reason why things cost what they do. Investing in good denim and having a few pairs is better than continually having to replace cheap denim because, in the long run, you end up spending more. You can find my favorite pair of denim here.


I could go on and write about each item, but I won’t bore you. If you have questions on a specific product, send me an email or direct message me on Instagram (@courtneyconlin). I am always happy to help!


Hope you all enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend!




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