My Makeup Bag

I often get asked what my favorite makeup products are. I thought it would make a fun blog post to tell you all my favorite things that you can find in my makeup bag at any given point. These are products that I trust, love, and have done wonders for me! I hope you can find some new beauty products you love too!

1.Mac Prep + Prime: This is a product I love to keep on hand to refresh my skin (especially during dry winter days and nights). I also always carry the Mac Prep + Prime for lips – it’s the perfect first layer before putting on your lip color!

2.Buxom Lip Gloss (Sandy): If you love a great neutral lip gloss shade, you cannot go wrong with this Buxom color! I have used it for years now and love how it also has a plumping formula within it (always a bonus, right)?!


3. Sephora Cream Lip Stain (#32): I love this cream lip stain because it holds it’s color all day and night. It also applies smoothly on your lips and is the perfect shade of nude!

4.Alcohol Pads: I always carry these because they are perfect when needing to wipe off lipsticks, glosses, or stains when they start to get fuzzy and you don’t want to reapply directly on top. It is easy and doesn’t get messy. Oh yes, and do you have friends or family who like to borrow your lip wear? These are great for those moments too (just use it when they aren’t looking maybe 🙂


5.Red Lip: I always carry a red lip with me. My favorite right now is made by LimeLife because of how it feels on my lips and it’s easy application. The color is Cherry Pie!



6. False Lashes: I am a sucker for a false lash and they have become a part of my daily makeup routine. Best part? My all-time favorite, Ardell Faux Minx Demi Wispies,  you can find at Walgreens and they don’t break the bank!


7. Gucci Bloom Perfume: Gucci Bloom has become my go-to perfume. It is a mix of just enough floral yet simple scent, which makes it great for everyday!




8. Sephora Lip Liner #01: The perfect nude lip liner that I use with any nude lipstick or gloss! This line is a must have! And please trust me when I tell you that I have searched and tried on options high and low to narrow in on the right options.

9.Urban Decay Pressed Powder: This product is another must-have for the makeup bag! I don’t know about you but during busy summer days, I tend to need a lot more retouching on my makeup. A quick glance in the review mirror with this product and you will be good-to-go!



10. Urban Decay 24/7 Lip Pencil #69: I love this particular shade because it is a great cross between a red and pink making it more versatile when matching up lipstick colors. Not to mention, it is one of the longest lasting lip colors I’ve ever owned!


Hopefully you find a product or two that you will enjoy just as much as I do!


Until next time,




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