Leggings 101

Fall is in full force and you know what that means, it is legging weather. I’ll be the first to say it, I love a good pair of leggings. However, it seems there is always a stigma behind them in regards to you being a “certain age” and that they are “sloppy”.


Let me go ahead and crush this rumor; there is no certain age that a woman can no longer wear leggings as long as they are worn correctly. While leggings can be sloppy, there are several different types that are more work and event appropriate.


Brands such as SPANX are my favorite leggings of all time. They come in all sizes and hold their shape. They also come in fabrics such as leather that allow you to elevate your legging game and make them more acceptable for work and events. I have linked all my favorite leggings below!



Now that you have seen some of my favorite leggings you might be wondering how do I style them so they are age appropriate. Here are my three go-to rules when it comes to leggings…


1.Your top needs to be long enough to cover your lady area. This just makes things more appropriate and honestly it is more flattering. The only exception to this is if you are headed to yoga or the gym.


2.Quality over quantity. I believe in buying leggings that are higher quality than having multiple pairs of low quality leggings, here is why; high quality leggings aren’t see through, don’t pill, and hold their shape, which are all very important elements of this garment.


3.To dress up leggings for an event pair it with a longer shirt, blazer, jacket, and heels. Also, avoid a normal cotton pair of leggings and try something that is more of a trouser or leather material!


Wishing you a great weekend!