If you are a fan of skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, snowboarding and gorgeous mountains – I highly suggest a trip to Breckenridge (or as the locals call it, Breck)!


We stayed with some of our family in an Airbnb just outside of town (linked below). This was a great way to share costs and have the option of eating in some nights (we love to cook together when possible and not paying for dinners out every night is always nice too). There were several nights when we were really tired from the full day of activities so staying in was just what the Dr. ordered!




One of the things we were most excited to do was snowshoeing and cannot recommend it more. It is a great workout and a really good way to take in the beauty and stop to “listen” to the silence. We all ended up buying our own snowshoes and taking them with us – it was a no brainer investment given living in the Midwest and how much we can use them back home. Here are some very affordable ones from Amazon (trust me, they were put to the test)!




If I recommend anything to put HIGH on your Breck list, snowshoeing the Sallie Barber Mine Trail is it! We still cannot get over the views and endless beauty this trail had. It was absolutely breathtaking (well, OK, both visually and breathing wise). Speaking of breathing, you will want to take it a bit slow if you are still adjusting to the high altitude – this trail is a 2.8 mile hike with a 10,728 peak! ?




Another fun and scenic outing we did was the snowmobiling and tubing guided tour with High Country Tours This was another great way to see some amazing views! Midway through the tour, we stopped off at a cabin with our guide for some hot chocolate and then went on for some tubing down one of the nearby hills. After tubing, we went to the “track” where anyone who wanted to drive with a little more speed could do some laps (let’s just say the nephews LOVED every second)!



Now on to some clothing advice… Full disclosure: It had been awhile since this heel wearing gal had been skiing and to wrap my head around what all I needed to pack started out as a challenge. I’m pretty sure I heard the words, “This isn’t a fashion show” from the hubby multiple times along the prepping way. You would think he would know better than to say that to a personal stylist, right?! Geesh.


Ski town or not, I knew I wanted to feel good in what I had on. It’s all about combining the attire that is appropriate for the elements while still feeling great and confident in what I was wearing – this rule goes for everything in life and I preach it to my clients on the daily.



Let’s start with the actual ski gear (as I mentioned above, it had been quite some time since I last hit the slopes so it was time for a small overhaul and it was all about layering with pieces that would last). I ended up purchasing Burton ski pants because the fit was perfect and the amount of pockets could not be beat. For underneath my ski pants, I wore the Burton mid-weight base layer leggings and Smartwool socks – wool socks are a MUST. These wick moisture while keeping you extremely warm! Be sure you have over-the-calf length for added warmth and to prevent your ski boots from rubbing. Your top layers should be pieces that will absorb moisture and dry quickly – avoid straight cotton. Polyester and spandex blends are great options (like the NIKE long sleeve crew I linked below). I managed with two very warm coats the entire trip – the white puffer you will see below (purchased at  and the teddy coat above.


Ski goggles took a lot of ordering, trying on, returning and ordering more. You want a pair that are anti-fog (nobody is trying to run into a tree on their way down the slopes – not a good look and pretty expensive hospital stay) ?
I also have a very narrow face (especially temple to temple). This unisex pair covered all necessary bases and the helmet has also been a great investment (I’ve linked them both below and they are great quality for the cost)!




As for places to eat (when we did dine out) a great lunch spot is The Uptown on Main in Frisco
Frisco is only a 7-8 mile drive from Breckenridge and is the most adorable town to shop or thrift shop in. It has a lot of character and history! For one of our dinners out, we had really good sushi at The Blue Fish in Breck where you get great food with a great ambience. Our final night and dinner was a sleigh ride dinner with Two Below Zero
You are driven up the mountain a little ways (15 minute ride) to a beautifully lit and heated tent where you are served dinner by true mountaineers – the service, kindness, drinks and food were great. I especially recommend this for anyone with kiddos!




LET’S TALK ALTITUDE SICKNESS: OK, so the truth is it hit all of us on the trip in different ways ? One of my sisters had pretty intense heart palpitations which we learned lower oxygen levels can cause. One of the services for people struggling adjusting to higher altitudes is oxygen bars like The O2 Lounge off Main St. – let’s just say a few hours spent there was definitely helpful. As for the rest of us, headaches and fatigue were one of the main symptoms. The more research I did, the more I learned the importance of good hydration (even for those of you who are already good be sure to add more into your daily routine), avoid alcohol for the first 48 hours as your body is acclimating (oops – missed that one), have Ibuprofen on hand and when climbing take it slow (even if you are a very fit person).


I hope this post was informational for you. I’ve linked all the pieces mentioned within this post below (along with a few great shoe options and beanies).


Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have and wishing you an amazing week ahead!




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