Top 5 Oversized Blazers

Hi Friends, I hope you are all having such a great day! I wanted to share a few oversized blazers that I am absolutely loving right now, and make great transitional pieces for fall. Remember, a blazer doesn’t only have to be worn in your professional life, it is also an item that you can wear casual with a pair of denim and a graphic t-shirt!

H&M Double Breasted Jacket:  This one takes the cake when it comes to the ultimate oversized blazer and layering piece. Layer your favorite hoodie, tee, or tank underneath for a fun fall look. Not to mention, I am loving this plaid print.

David Learner Plaid Oversized Blazer: Okay, I will say it now. I am a wee bit obsessed with the red lining of this blazer. It adds the perfect pop of color to your outfit. Keep things simple and let the blazer do the talking when styling it.

Alexander and David Oversized Blazer:  You May recognize this blazer from my Instagram, and it is finally back in stock! This is one of my favorite go-to blazers to have in the wardrobe. It is classic and is great to throw with a pair of denim to elevate your look. It is also a great beginners blazer, if you aren’t 100% comfortable in them yet. Also, it is UNDER $50!

Anine Bing Fishbone Blazer: Anine Bing does it again! I love this plaid blazer by her and also happens to be another staple in my wardrobe. It is so classic, comfy, and chic!  

Zara Double Breasted Striped Blazer: This is the blazer is the latest addition to my wardrobe and I can’t get enough of it. The pinstripes are the perfect added touch and I love the blue for fall. I styled it with a light pair of distressed denim, black tank, and black accessories to pull in the added detail of the black buttons! Not to mention, it is EU Ecolabel certified – made with sustainable practices where the fiber is sourced from wood, primarily eucalyptus, from more sustainably managed forests that guarantee their reforestation. It is made in a closed circuit, reusing the water and more than 99% of the chemicals.

Thank you for reading today and stay tuned for more weekly blog content! Wishing each of you a fantastic week and I hope you found a blazer you loved or some inspiration on how to style on you have in your closet!


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