Denim Tips For Women

Some of my most frequently asked questions all revolve around denim. What fit is best for me? What is in and what is out? Today’s post is conquering those questions and will hopefully help you in deciding on which denim to keep in your closet and what ones to say goodbye too.


Tip #1 – Trendy:


When buying denim that is more on trend versus a classic style, try to focus on a more affordable brand. It is one thing to have fun with a trend, and of course you should do that if it feels fun and looks great on you BUT, do not break the bank doing so. Remember, trends are fleeting. With this being said there are so many great pairs of on trend denim that is reasonably priced and are fashion forward.


|Tuxedo Stripe|Cropped Flare|Embroidery|


Tip #2- Fit:


If you find a fit that works really well for you, it is a good idea to go ahead and purchase a couple different washes of that particular fit – especially if it’s not too trendy and will stand the test of time from a style standpoint. A skinny or straight leg denim is typically safest for cuts.


|Skinny| Straight| Skinny|

Tip #3 – Bye Bye Bling:


Avoid the bling! I have yet to see a pair of denim that does not look extremely dated or more unflattering than denim with any kind of bling on it. If you tend to want your denim to have a statement to it, there are many other flattering and fun ways you can achieve just that. Choosing a colored, flare or lace hemmed denim are just a few ways to step up your denim game. If you must have some bling, do a fun statement earring or accessory instead.


|Pocket Embellishment| All Over Embellishment| Side Embellishment|

Tip #4 – Try It:


I cannot say this one enough – do not be afraid to TRY styles, washes or cuts you might normally stay away from. I see it time and time again with clients who are fearful to venture out but when they do will experience shock from how much they love it. Trying and venturing out of your comfort zone is also a great way to learn a little more about your personal style and what you truly love.


| Olive Denim| Grey Denim|Released Hem Denim|

Overall, don’t hold yourself back and remember, if you are not feeling an item in a store – leave it at the store. And if you do love it, go ahead and buy it, embrace it and have fun wearing it. I promise, you will not regret it.


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P.S. The Paige Denim is absolutely the denim I swear by and recommend to almost everyone. It is comfortable and soft and the wash is so versatile.