The new hemline

I am sure you already see it when you’ve been shopping. Hemlines of pants are getting shorter and shorter, while the waist of them is getting higher and higher.


The hemline this spring is ankle length. Now, I know some people love this, and others aren’t the biggest fans but let me break down the theory of why the ankle hem or cropped hem is on the rise.


We all do it. If jeans are too long, we roll them up creating a small cuff at the bottom of our pants. So instead of having to cuff up your denim, what if they were just the ankle length you were rolling them up to be. Now the idea behind it is great. But how do I know what hemline works best for me and my body type?


It most definitely can be hard to pick which ones work for your leg length and height. I chose a couple of my favorite ankle hem or cropped denim for each height group. I hope this helps to guide you when shopping for the new hemline. Remember, you want the bottom of the pant to hit right above your ankle bone, or if it is a cropped pant it will hit a little higher than that.


Also, If you feel like the denim is too long, take the scissors to them. Anymore a lot of jeans have a raw hem or unfinished hem. This allows you to cut off the measured amount that you wish and still have stylish jeans.


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