World Lupus Day

In honor of World Lupus Day, I want to share with you one way in which I grew a great amount of strength living with my disease – awareness.


Finally accepting that I have Lupus has given me the strength to learn more, contribute to and support the awareness of the disease. After all, it is not a process that happens overnight, right?!


For most of us, opening up about our reality, let alone supporting our reality takes time and that is OK – no matter what we may be experiencing or diagnosed with.


I have learned (and realized within myself) that when we hear or read the words “contribute” it can feel overwhelming yet, hearing or reading the word “support” is all encompassing.


Supporting a cause or awareness, for me, means the opportunity to gain a better understanding of a disease. You know what I say, “knowledge is power” and to have knowledge is to gain more control over your disease. Please believe me when I say that learning more is exactly what has given me the confidence to fight Lupus, have hope and live a better life. I wish the same for you.


Supporting a cause can be joining an awareness walk, a donation (small if that works best), reading up on credible websites and sharing links that have information about the disease and so on. Increased awareness is equal to increased research, earlier diagnoses (something I wish I had) and a greater attention to a disease and its reality.


Here are a few credible Lupus sites that have helped me along my journey:


I hope these help you and no matter what you or a loved one may be up against, I wish you all of the hope and courage in the world.


Until next time, take care and keep up the fight!