Travel Tips

We’ve talked about what to pack, packing tips on how to stay organized, and now let’s talk overall travel tips. Traveling can be stressful and overwhelming but with these few tips I hope that it can relieve a bit of your stress and make things easier for you wherever you are headed!


1.Check the weather: With how much the weather changes anymore, we need to take a day-by-day approach which is why I recommend checking it right up to the day of packing!


2.Pack versatile pieces: It’s all about packing less while having multiple options to wear and rewear (but styled differently). Keep in mind, this is another styling service I offer.


3.Ladies:Bring an oversized scarf! This can be great not only for the plane but as a cover up for unexpected chilly days or nights.


4.Men: Comfortable / versatile denim is a must! Not only are they easy to fly in (reduce weight in the luggage) but by packing two different washes, that is all you will need as far as denim goes. I still HIGHLY recommend the Traveler denim by Banana Republic (they live up to their name and provide just the right amount of style and comfort all at the same time – the days of sloppy looking denim are over).


5. Electronics:  I used to be terrible at keeping track of my chargers, cords, etc. and then came the genius Welden Nylon Accessory Organizer Weldon Nylon Accessory Organizer Let me tell you, it has made a such a difference in my non-organized world!


6.Shoes:Amazon has great shoe garment bags. These are especially great for shoes that easily nick, heels, etc. and protects any clothing that may be packed around the shoes.


7.Static Guard: Pack the travel size of Static Guard. You never know when you are going to need it and it is always good to have on hand. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve needed it on a trip – especially with fabrics that love to develop static and cling (never a good look, right)!?


8. Clorox Wipes: Be sure to pack Clorox wipes on your carry on. Not only is this good to use to wipe down your area on the plane but also for when you get to the hotel to wipe down items like the t.v. remote, door handles, etc.


9. Steamer: Pack a hand held travel steamer if you have room in your bag – then you don’t have to deal with the hotels irons and not all hotels can steam your items if needed.


Here is a blog post linked with some of my favorite steamers!


10.Carry On: Always pack everything in your carry on that you may need if you were to get stuck without your luggage. Things like medication, electronic chargers, and anything else that is important to you should go into your carry on.


I wish everyone traveling this spring break (or in the future) safe travels and wonderful trips! If you also have great travel tips I would love to hear them. Please send me an email or comment on this post! Have a great weekend!