How To Stay Organized Packing


Hey spring breakers! Wondering how you are going to fit everything you want to bring into your suitcase without breaking the weight limit? I’ve been there, actually I am there every time I travel anywhere. I mean we need options, right? Today I am sharing my favorite “must-do’s” to stay organized packing and to maximize room in your suitcase!


1.Packing Cubes- Yes, packing cubes are a thing and they are amazing. They keep everything organized, categorized, and easy to find. Example, have dress shirts you want to keep nice and folded? Put them in the larger packing cube and your shirts won’t move an inch in travel. Packing cubes are also a great way to prevent cosmetics from spilling on other items in your suitcase.

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Not much of a packing cube person? No worries, my next tip is…


2.Roll! Roll! Roll! Roll up your clothing to fit more into your suitcase! It is truly amazing how much you can jam pack in there when everything is organized correctly. Also it is best to keep items you are going to wear first on the top so you don’t have to go digging through your suitcase later on to try and find something.


How-To Roll Clothing For Packing Video


3. Hats: One of the hardest things to pack and keep from bending is those damn sun hats or fedoras. One option is to fill the head part with socks or any soft materials. Lay it down so the top of the hat is up and pack around it. Of course, this prevents bending but also seems like it takes up some of that precious packing space.


Another option is to get a hat clip! I haven’t tried these but I have seen so many amazing reviews from other fashion bloggers. I love the idea of keeping your hat on the outside of your carry-on suitcase! I also love that it is magnetic so it doesn’t leave an indent on your hat!


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4. PLAN YOUR LOOKS: The number one tip I give people (but I am saving the best for last here) is to plan your looks out in advance as much as you can. How many nice dinners are you going to, what are your plans when you are there so you can plan out your outfits using versatile pieces so you don’t have to pack nearly as much! And don’t forget to check the weather as you get closer to your departure date.


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Just remember, don’t over do it or over think it. Do you really need 2 black tank tops when you know you’re only going to wear the one you really love? Pack the things that you feel the best in and make you happy!