Beauty Brunch with One Brain Wellness Recap


Happy Wednesday everybody! Wow, what a fantastic weekend. Meredith and I styled clients for a gala, I attended the gala, and then Saturday we hung out with some incredible women at Beauty Brunch by One Brain Wellness.



Not only is Beauty Brunch filled with amazing women and food (thank you St. Kilda), it also spreads so much positivity in a community of women. This year’s Beauty Brunch was focused on one lucky winner who received a head-to-toe makeover. From hair to make-up and of course wardrobe, the winner, Kathy, celebrated her new look and confidence with a portrait photography session with Paige Peterson.


From right to left: Paige Peterson, Sonya Heitshusen, Erin Kiernan,

winner Kathy, me, Maddie of Salon W, and Melissa the make-up artist




Kathy was able to share her experience with everyone who attended and how it brought out a new found confidence in her. You’ve heard me preach it before and I’ll repeat it, we are all entitled to self-confidence. I am so thrilled for Kathy. While new clothes, hairdo, and make-up look are great, this is about the bigger picture. It’s not about all the material things it is about feeling empowered as a woman right here and right now. Not after you lose the baby weight, land the job, or figure things out. No, you are inspiring and beautiful right now.



I am so grateful One Brain Wellness’s founders Sonya Heitshusen and Erin Kiernan asked me to be a part of this special day. If you have never been to a Beauty Brunch, I highly recommend attending the next one. There is nothing better than women supporting women and an afternoon full of “girl stuff” aka mimosas and girl talk.


The panel “makeover” crew with One Brain Wellness Founders



Thank you again Sonya and Erin!





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