Best Online Stores For Petites

Throughout my years consulting there is one topic on repeat and that is petite clothing. How does one know if they should be wearing petite clothing or not? How does one know if they should be wearing petite clothing at all and where should they shop
Let me help clear up a myth or two and cover the facts!

Petite clothing does not mean “slender” – a common misconception. This type of clothing is made for all sizes.  If you are 5’4” or shorter or are have a disproportionate body type (e.g, long torso/short legs or vice versa), never rule out petite sizing when shopping in stores or online; you are more likely to end up in the best fit for you! After all, it is all about balancing your figure (if you have questions on this, please just reach out and I am here to help you).
Below I shared a few of my favorite stores for petite clothing and that truly fit well for all shapes and sizes. While you can find some petites in store, I always recommend online as well. Or try on the style in store in regular length and have the store order for you in petites.










I love each piece that I included because it shows that wearing petite clothing does not limit you when it comes to styles or trends; it just simply is about getting items to fit your proportions best so you feel confident in what you are wearing – be sure to remember that when you are shopping!

I hope everyone is having a great week!