Living with Lupus isn’t always the easiest but I find gratitude in the moments when you get the news that most (OK, I say most because I am still far from “perfect” in my medical responsibilities) of what I am doing, trying and following (Dr.’s orders) is working – FINALLY! 


If you have been following my story at all, you will recall that I existed (at times barely) on one unpredictable “health journey” most of my life. The constant unknown yet finally having an answer were both scary – those of you who have or live with someone with Lupus, MS or any other disease probably get me, right?


As tough as getting on the right path and treatments can be, it is vital. Let me repeat myself – VITAL.


Let me be the first to tell you that accepting the disease is not surrendering to the disease (as I once thought it was). Rather, it is saying, “OK, bring it on.” The battle begins. Teaching it who’s boss begins. Healing begins. Most importantly, a better YOU begins.


Do I sometimes dread taking my daily medication to help control my Lupus? Sure. Do I sometimes curse out the shots I give myself three times per week for MS? You bet I do (just ask the hubby)! Do I sometimes have a small pity party with myself – yep! And you should too. A brief pity party or good cry is healing. It is OK. It is HUMAN.


If you are healing, you are winning the battle right? Not surrendering. Not letting your guard down. If anything, you are putting your guard up. You are claiming your life, your vitality, your existence.


At the end of the day I have learned and re-learned that research, asking questions and follow-through are all the best possible beginnings to more positive health outcomes. Being your own advocate is crucial. And if you do not have the strength, it is OK to put that role in the hands of someone you trust.


Stay tuned for a list of what I have been doing for my body, my mind and my soul which I believe have all been contributors to healing and a much more hopeful road.


Until then, I send so much love and hope to all of you. And, as always, please know I am here for any questions you might have – no one should feel alone in any health journey or life in general.